Lions add tight end Wes Saxton

The Lions have made significant changes at tight end this offseason, and added some depth Monday.

The team announced the addition of free agent tight end Wes Saxton.

If the Giants don’t have one of the most-improved offenses in the NFL this season, you can’t blame the general manager or the supporting cast or anything else. It’ll be the quarterback.

I think it is a good crew of guys, Manning said. Now it just comes down to how hard can we work and how committed can be in putting this all together and finding ways to win together.

But the New Jersey Racing Commission put the state’s three racetracks on notice that they need to wait for the governor’s approval.

Participation in sports wagering, or in services related to sports wagering, on the grounds of the racetrack without first obtaining the necessary license will result in the commission taking disciplinary action against that person or entity, the letter from the commission’s executive director, Frank Zanzuccki, reads.

To Michael Kay Show in August 2017 : Anybody that thinks that there’s been any conversations going on among teams about Colin Kaepernick is crazy. That just is not the case. I saw a quote, I think it was (Dolphins owner) Steve Ross recently that said, ‘Teams want to win so badly that if they believe a player can help them win, they’re going to bring him on.’ I think there are certain issues obviously that go along with Colin Kaepernick and that may have scared some teams away, but there is absolutely no blackball going on here. I just don’t see that at all.

The Raiders would then draft another offensive tackle, Brandon Parker, in the third round. So it’s clear that they want to get younger at the position. But Gruden appears to have placated Penn by persuading him that the Raiders’ draft picks were about keeping a good offensive line in front of Derek Carr for many years to come, not about any sign that they’re losing confidence in Penn this year. Penn now says he’s working on taking the young tackles under his wing and hoping that some day, they’ll protect Carr as well as he does. Just not quite yet.

In other words, the commission put racetracks on notice that they’re all required to have a vendor license and that any racetrack that accepts bets before the bill is signed into law will have to have those bets reviewed — which would delay their licenses.

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